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Building a Media PC - Comments


commentExcellent article
Hi, great article.
I used your compact flash one a while back to help me build a network booting Linux box with no hard drives.
Yesterday I added the ability to play movies on it with the help of this article.

Did you need to be root to run mplayer with the vidix driver? I found it only worked as root so I SUID'd the binary to make it work.
Also, do you have any photos of any of these boxes in action?

Details of my one are here anyway
Posted 13 Dec 2005 by Darren
commentRE: Excellent article
Glad you found the article useful, no I don't have any photos yet as they are still running in standard cases. Nice looking case you've got there.

As for the running mplayer as root issue, I hadn't noticed, as naughtily I still log in as root as I'm still making tweaks here and there, such as getting the OSD fonts working in mplayer.
Posted 14 Dec 2005 by Bob

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