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Welcome to Silent pc, home to everything you ever wanted to know about making your computer quieter, or even silent. From how to build a quiet desktop pc from scratch, to help in choosing the right components to quieten you existing pc.
Articles and Reviews

Alternatives for a quiet PCAlternatives for a quiet PC
Building a fast powerful PC often makes silencing it difficult, so we look at the alternatives for getting the quiet experience you want, without losing out on performance. ...
Posted 2 Oct 2006 | Read More | Add a Comment
Building a Media PCBuilding a Media PC
Build a simple and quiet movie player, for watching avi, wmv and mpg files on your tv or monitor. ...
Posted 23 Oct 2005 | Read More | Read Comments (2) | Add a Comment
Review - Cubid 2699R Mini-ITX CaseReview - Cubid 2699R Mini-ITX Case
The Cubid 2699R is a common offering for mini-itx motherboards, and is not much larger than the motherboard itself measuring only 295x270x63mm (WxDxH). ...
Posted 5 Jul 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (1) | Add a Comment
Diskless Windows with PXEDiskless Windows with PXE
A step-by-step guide to booting windows 98 without a hard disk, or a windows server (terminal or otherwise) using just a pxe enabled network card and a linux box. ...
Posted 22 Jul 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (15) | Add a Comment
Review - AcoustiPack StandardReview - AcoustiPack Standard
AcoustiPack foam sound dampening is designed to reduce the amount of noise leaving your case. We test it out in the squeekiest PC we can find. ...
Posted 30 Jul 2004 | Read More | Add a Comment
Roundup - Mini-Itx Board ComparisonRoundup - Mini-Itx Board Comparison
New mini-itx boards are coming to market all the time, with boards supporting VIA or Intel Processors, we've rounded up all the offerings and compared all of their features, so you can easily choose the right board for your needs. ...
Posted 15 Jul 2004 | Read More | Add a Comment
Review - KISS DP-500Review - KISS DP-500
The KISS DP-500 supports playing dvd, cd, mp3, divx, xvid from CDs and DVDs or streamed over a local network via its built in ethernet port. ...
Posted 28 Feb 2004 | Read More | Add a Comment
Booting Linux from Compact FlashBooting Linux from Compact Flash
Use a silent Compact Flash card to boot your pc, for either reduced noise, or a long life solution, with no moving parts. Ideal for firewalls, routers, or small servers. ...
Posted 21 Jan 2004 | Read More | Read Comments (10) | Add a Comment
Quiet or SilentQuiet or Silent
There is a world of difference between a quiet computer and a truly silent one. Making a computer quiet involves using a quiet power supply, a large quiet cpu heatsink and fan, and the latest quiet hard drive. This means that almost any computer can be made very quiet with a little effort, and a few new parts. ...
Posted 27 Dec 2003 | Read More | Add a Comment
Review - Zalman Flower CoolerReview - Zalman Flower Cooler
This very popular CPU cooler can help reduce the noise levels of your computer, while still letting you run the latest (and hottest) processors. ...
Posted 27 Dec 2003 | Read More | Add a Comment
Basics of a quiet pcBasics of a quiet pc
A simple guide expaining the basics of how to make a computer quieter. Describes which parts make what noises and how to eliminate everything from an annoying hum to rattles and squeaks. ...
Posted 1 Dec 2003 | Read More | Add a Comment
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